Content Strategy for International Markets


Presentation speakers

Val Swisher – Founder, Content Rules


In this workshop, we will talk about content strategy within two types of multinational companies: laggards and leaders.

We’ll profile a company we’ll call “Legendary Systems”, a company that has large sales, a huge infrastructure, but lags well behind its peers when it comes to getting revenues.  We’ll discuss the content strategy in place at Legendary System and how that content strategy manifests itself in people, systems, and processes.  (It’s fun to talk about other company’s dysfunctions … but really some of what we’ll talk about will be all too familiar.)

Leaders, on the other hand, are companies that have made the decision to invest in global readiness.  We’ll talk about “Massive Systems”, a company that is just as large, with much the same infrastructure, but leads its peers in global readiness.  As result, Massive Systems is able to get new products to market faster, launch new products into multiple geographies at the same time, and diversify its revenues across geographies.  What makes Massive Systems able to get these business benefits. Is it the people, the systems, or the processes?

These two archetypes are culled from Content Rules work with Global 2000 companies developing content and consulting on global readiness.

What you’ll take away:  an understanding of how to build and critique your global content strategy, the best practices that you can implement at your company to make your content global ready.  Also discussed:  what happens when you make global readiness part of the mission at your company.  Main effects, side effects, and business results.